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How are animals weighed? What is special about their scales?

The scales for pets; a matter of weight

As for us human beings, weight is also an important factor for animals to always keep under control, both at home and at the trusted vet during visits, because overweight can cause many physiological problems, and underweight a bell alarm for serious illnesses.

Having a professional pet scale available is therefore essential! Obviously, we cannot forget about weight control during a puppy’s growth to make sure that the pet’s nutrition and development is adequate. Therefore, the scale for weighing animals is also used in the zootechnical sector.

The ideal scale for veterinary use

For weighing pets there are a multitude of scales of various sizes and functions that can weigh from 1 kg up to hundreds of kilos. The specific veterinary scales are equipped with very low platforms of various sizes so that the animal can be advanced and stopped for weight detection.Veterinary scales can be powered by batteries or by connection to electrical network. For professionals who need to make home visits, it is recommended to opt for a battery-operated pet scale.

Characteristics of veterinary scales 

When a veterinarian equips himself with a scale to weigh animals, he must check the presence of some particularly practical functions, including:

– the dynamic weighing function capable of correctly measure animals in motion and a display “freeze” function that keeps the data visible, allowing the operator to concentrate on the animal 

– the TARE function: allows you to zero the weight on the scale; 

– The automatic shutdown function: the device turns off after a few seconds of inactivity, thus saving energy; 

– The measurement lock function: the data obtained remain displayed to facilitate the reading of the information; 

– The presence of a remote screen: practical when the weighing platform is positioned on the ground, the remote screen is positioned at eye level so that the veterinarian, or the attendant, does not have to bend over to see the result of the weighing; 

– Depending on the conditions in which you practice your profession, it is important to equip yourself, in addition to the device, with accessories that facilitate the movement of the equipment so as not to damage it, such as a suitable carrying bag. 

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