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…. for the patience and understanding that we hope you will reserve for us.

As we all know, the current situation is complicated for everyone and is having significant impacts on the timing of shipment of the goods. The factors are different:

  • shipping takes 2 to 4 weeks longer: shipping companies have reduced shipping by 30% and containers are not returning to China. (Port of Shanghai). This creates a shortage of containers and shipping companies constantly change their routes. This causes longer and unreliable transport times, normally takes 5 to 6 weeks and now takes 7 to 9 weeks. We have experienced it in December, January, February and March, we plan to experience it also in April and May.
  • the main shipping companies are unable to respect the normal delivery times due to several elements: the intense traffic of these weeks combined with the problems related to the COVID19 pandemic, as well as the frequent general strikes called by the various trade unions. All of these factors have caused significant delays, which shippers are trying to reduce by activating adequate contingency plans.
  • to these factors is added a serious shortage of raw materials usually imported from the Far East regions, which has tripled the normal delivery times.

The whole CELMI Team is working with the utmost commitment to minimize delays and to ensure that your orders arrive as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We hope you take this into account and appreciate your understanding at this time.

If you have specific questions about your order, please contact your sales representative.