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HOW HEAVY THE EARTH IS? AND HOW CAN WE WEIGH IT?Here is the answer by scientists:
The Earth weighs about 6 000 trillion of tons: which is a number composed by 6 followed by 24 zero, which would be:
This number is so incredibly huge that we cannot even imagine it. Just think that the mass of Titanic was more or less 50.000 tons… even considering 10.000 Titanic still 10 zero would be missing.
But, how did the scientists manage to calculate this weight? Not with a scale, of course. They have used the laws of physics: math calculations that implied the use of data such as: the measure of the radius of the Earth ( 6.371 km), the number related to the acceleration due to gravity (which is 9,823 meters per second squared). The Earth, in fact, spins around and moves through the space. Respect to the sun, it runs 108.000 km per hour). Finally, they have applied the second principle of dynamics, the one studied by Isaac Newton. Combining all these data, the scientists have obtained the calculation of the Earth’s mass.
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