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The weighing is among the enabler technologies of “Industry 4.o”: offing prorogations in order to obtain the incentives

The Italian government has decided to sustain and develop in a concrete way the industrial politics of our country through the National Plan named Industry 4.0, which can be found inside the budget law 2017.
This law is formed by a series of organic and complementary measures that can promote investments towards innovation, digitization and competitiveness. Like for example the hyperamortization at 250% on investments in capital goods functional to technological and digital conversion of companies in optics Industry 4.o. Till now, the right to access to this fiscal benefit used to mature when the order and payment of at least 20% in advance, was made within the 31st December 2017 and the delivery of the goods happened within the 30th September 2018. From now on, on the contrary, a prorogation has been conceded: it will be possible to do a purchase within 31st December 2018; the delivery will be possible throughout the year 2019, but it has to be deposited at least an account of 20%.
Inside the Enclosure A of the Plan, you can find the list of all goods that can benefit the hyperamortization. Inside the list we would like to report the presence of the automatic weighing.
The adoption of technological solutions in Industry 4.0 optics, for companies will mean, more and more, to be ready to answer promptly to some challenges that will be very relevant in the next future: from the mass production to the mass customization, from economies of scale to flexible and localized units, from production on order with storage of stocks to dynamic and flexible production.
Industry 4.0 is the flywheel that can drag the standardization of hardware and software. The automatic weighing of articles, in this framework, is a technology, among the most important and incisive ones, that will enable the manufacturing companies to achieve cost saving, more security and ductility.